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Alexa Lautenbach is a movement guide in the Twin Cities. She believes in the power of holistic + functional movement. When training the entire body (physically, mentally + emotionally) we have the ability to connect to ourselves, and others, on a deeper level. When it comes to her movement teaching style, she holds a safe space for folks to begin learning + exploring their bodies. Alexa is inspired by nature, music, and the direct energy + influence they have on our experiences.

We move to release, recover + reconnect.


Alexa's passion for movement started at a young age through dance. To Alexa dance was much more than just the physical body moving through space - it was expression + connection to her self + others. Dancing through out her childhood and teen years she knew it wouldn't stop there. In 2014 Alexa graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. She was one of the first students to earn the BFA dance degree from Mankato.

Following her college years Alexa became a NASM personal trainer. She trained a variety of clients at two large institutions, but wasn't thrilled about working in spaces that solely focused on just one dimension of a person - the external body. She noticed (even more) how western fitness culture lacked focus + care on all dimensions of a person's self. 

After deciding big-box gyms were not the place for her she opted out for something more intimate + intentional. And this is where her journey of becoming a movement guide began. Alexa became a founding teacher at a fitness boutique in Saint Paul, MN. From there she has been teaching bodyART + functional movement practices to dancers, athletes, new-movers, and all walks-of-life. She takes joy in seeing people connect to their bodies through self awareness, rather than external information. Because she believes,

"We all have the inner-wisdom to heal and make change - the mirror doesn't have the answers. You do."


images gratefully captured by Bill Cameron


bodyART® Instructor

Certified by Master Educator and Owner of bodyART Training Studios, Ryan Daniel Beck in NYC. Alexa is certified in bodyART Original and bodyART deepWORK.


Pilates Instructor


Trained at Paragon Pilates and Physical Therapy with the comprehensive Balanced Body curriculum.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance


Alexa's appreciation for movement and dance expanded when she studied at Minnesota State University, Mankato. She believes without studying the body and dance in this form she wouldn't be where she is today. A big thank you to Daniel Stark and Julie Kerr-Berry, her former professors, for "your dedication, passion + desire to push me out-of-my box (physically + intellectually)." -Alexa

NASM-PT | National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer


A former personal trainer who didn't quite fit-in with "big-box" gyms. After spending some time training in larger institutions she transitioned to teaching small-group classes at a Twin Cities fitness boutique. And, that's where everything began to make sense.

Broadway Dance Center, NYC


Did you know Alexa loves NYC (who doesn't)? This is where her love began! She had the pleasure of being part of Broadway Dance Center's Summer Internship - now summer program - studying jazz, Broadway, contemporary, ballet, heels, vocals + more. A program designed for young adults/pre-professional dancers. Beyond taking classes, students also had the opportunity to take mock auditions to prepare them for the (sometimes) harsh reality of the biz. That's Broadway, baby!

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