Leaves Shadows


Alexa offers + teaches a variety of modalities. All offerings are rooted in biomechanics, whole-body training, mindful movements, functional training and breath to give you a whole body experience. 

Offerings ranging from livestreaming classes, on-demand, privates + in the studio.


bodyART® is a physical therapy based movement system that focuses on injury prevention, pain reduction and sustainable longevity. A non-religious, fully-functional training system, specifically designed to improve strength, cardiovascular endurance, joint mobility + achieve holistic balance, physically, psychologically and emotionally. Class is practiced bare foot and on a mat. All bodies are welcome. Created by Robert Steinbacher.


bodyART® deepWORK® is a high cardio, interval-training program with a focus on endurance. Combining static and dynamic exercises, core training, plyometrics and breathing techniques, this class delivers an intense workout that is low-impact on joints and rooted in biomechanics. Created by Robert Steinbacher.