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Alexa offers + teaches a variety of modalities. All offerings are rooted in biomechanics, whole-body training, mindful movements, functional training and breath to give you a whole body experience. 

Offerings ranging from livestreaming classes, on-demand, privates + in the studio.


bodyART® is a physical therapy based movement system that focuses on injury prevention, pain reduction and sustainable longevity. A non-religious, fully-functional training system, specifically designed to improve strength, cardiovascular endurance, joint mobility + achieve holistic balance, physically, psychologically and emotionally. Class is practiced bare foot and on a mat. All bodies are welcome. Created by Robert Steinbacher.



bodyART® deepWORK® is a high cardio, interval-training program with a focus on endurance. Combining static and dynamic exercises, core training, plyometrics and breathing techniques, this class delivers an intense workout that is low-impact on joints and rooted in biomechanics. Created by Robert Steinbacher.



This class is inspired by Mat Pilates + functional movement patterns. All classes are designed to move with awareness + mindfulness to deepen your connection to how your body moves. This class integrates brief moments of cardio to elevate your heart rate and ends with mobility + stretch work. This class is newer to Alexa's practice and is being used towards practice hours to complete her Pilates Teaching Certification.


It will evolve as we go xx donations are welcome, but not expected during this growth period.

Offered Limited Saturdays @ 10:15 a.m. CST


Want to collaborate? Alexa also offers corporate wellness opportunities, 1:1, small private sessions + beyond...

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