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Lead by Alexa Lautenbach + Christina Redondo

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We're partnering with bodyART Studios in NYC and are now launching our very own bodyART Minneapolis/St. Paul Community alert line!




+1 917-810-3075

This is an awesome new way for us to let you know about upcoming bodyART news, pop-ups and special events in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Thank you for being a part of the bodyART MSP community!


Twin Cities newest bodyART Team Member!

"I grew up dancing and I believe movement is the best (and quickest) way to enhance your life! I've taught several fitness formats over the years, and no matter the class my teaching style is always the same - I take it seriously but I'll always find a way to have a laugh and create a comfortable atmosphere.  


I fell in love with bodyART because when I started taking class with Alexa back in 2019, my strength, stamina, focus, and confidence increased in all other areas of her life. I frikkin love bodyART and I'm so excited to teach it alongside Alexa and share it with Minneapolis!" 

Christina Bio
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